Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Is Not A Game: Sign the Grow Pledge

To fight the Capitol, the HPA will be partnering with Oxfam’s GROW campaign to fight systematic injustices in food distribution throughout the world. Every year, the United States spends millions of dollars to send food relief to countries around the world. And while we admire the commitment to helping others, this method is extraordinarily inefficient. By the time the food is shipped to its destination, it has often become in edible.

Surprise, surprise – food is grown in other countries! Instead of spending money to grow food here in the U.S. and paying to ship it across the world, let’s help get food grown where it’s needed. In this case, inefficiency literally kills. Providing the money to farmers in other countries so that they can grow their own food would be cheaper and more efficient. By providing people the tools they need to feed themselves, we are ending the Hunger Games instead of just providing silver parachutes. Find out how you can support the GROW campaign and sign the pledge!

On Thursday, please tweet using the #notagame hashtag. The HPA's goal is to get #notagame trending on Twitter to raise awareness of this campaign.

Please get involved. This is your chance to use your love of The Hunger Games to help change the world. Sign the GROW pledge!

For more on Hunger Is Not A Game and the GROW Campaign, click here.