Monday, March 19, 2012

Fandango's 12 Days of Giveaways Continues!

Check out today's giveaway:

It is now the final week before Hunger Games hits theaters, and we're continuing to give away awesome prizes through March 23 for our 12 Days of Hunger Games Giveaways! Today, we're giving away $50 in Fandango Bucks, a $100 promo code for a personalized District T-shirt and other Hunger Games merchandise, courtesy of CafePress, and a special gaming code to participate in The Hunger Games Adventures – the official Facebook game! The winner of each day will also be entered in our drawing for the grand prize of a Hunger Games-customized limited edition HP laptop, courtesy of the Microsoft Store. Check out the official rules for 12 Days of 'Hunger Games' Giveaways.
Before the games begin, each tribute is given a private, 15-minute session to show a talent to the Gamemakers. This allows the Gamemakers to rate the tributes on their survival skills in the arena.  Katniss shows them her archery skills, and we'd like to know what you would show the Gamemakers. To enter our giveaway, simply post a comment to this blog post (one blog post comment per entrant please, and entrants must be 18+ and U.S. residents only) with your answer to the following: What special skill or talent would you show the Gamemakers?

With all the news, we didn't get to this until now, unfortunately. If you plan to enter for today, enter now, it closes at 6 PST!