Monday, March 19, 2012

Star Squad: 3 Days Left!

3 Days left to donate to a truly professional group of people behind this amazing project, Star Squad. If you're not up to speed, we attended a table read awhile ago. A breathtaking table read, I might add. The script is truly quality, and these folks have the means to make it happen. However, they are raising money to make it as epic as possible, and there is only THREE days left to donate! Plus, if you do you get a SAWEET Star Squad patch. Hurry, hurry!

Also, check out this new propo of Perry, Katniss defense attorney in her trial that occurs in Mockingjay:
"Perry Dextrous, a rambunctious and extremely clever attorney who has his own reasons for defending the Girl on Fire. He's instrumental in our imagining of Katniss' trial, as it will be his defense that ultimately gets her back to District 12"
Thankfully, the project will go on no matter how many donations they receive. Help these superfans out!!