Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HG Merch at Aahs! and Being Creepy with Cardboard Cutouts

A very good friend of ours works at an Aahs! store near us, which is a store filled with pop culture merchandise and costumes, and she notified us about the Hunger Games items they just got in. Now hold on, these aren't the usual set of merch from Hot Topic, we're talking about fantastical things such as the replica bow, the Jabberjay card game, and the Hunger Games Strategy game. Oh, and not to mention the arena jacket. Check it out!

At this particular Aahs!, they have the replica bow, the arena jackets, the Jabberjay Game, The Hunger Games Strategy game, Hunger Games folders, the arena prop replica bags, and the figurines. We got a good look at the arena jacket and found there was more to it than appeared. There is a whole layer underneath the outer material of this jacket. It's no wonder that Josh was sweating in that thing!

So what did I walk away with from this amazing display? I just HAD to have the District 12 arena prop replica bag! This baby was only $10!

And now for some ultra creepy shots of Denise and I posing with Katniss and Peeta cardboard cutouts:

If you live in the Southern California area, check out the Aahs! website to see if there is one near you!

Thanks SO MUCH to @iamtheampersand for alerting us of the new HG merch at Aahs!